Air Conditioner Service, Seer and What They Mean for You in Franklin & South Indy, In

December 31, 2015
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Even with ever-changing weather, people in much of the country have experienced winter, even if only a little bit. Now it’s getting warmer and it’s the perfect time to schedule air conditioner service so you’re ready for anything this summer comes with.

As an air conditioner owner, you should learn everything you can about your system, including its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). SEER tells you how efficient your air conditioner is. If you don’t know your current air conditioner’s SEER, ask your technician during your next air conditioner service visit. He or she can help you figure out its rating.

What Does Seer Mean for You??

Older air conditioners generally have a significantly lower SEER than the high-efficiency air conditioners offered today. A lower SEER likely means you’re wasting money on utility bills due to your system’s inefficiency. An air conditioner with a higher SEER will be more efficient and should save you a chunk of money in the long term. If you need more information about SEER or have questions about yourair conditioner, all you have to do is ask your service technician.

Other considerations will decide if you should buy a new air conditioner or continue with an annual air conditioner service plan on your current system, but knowing your system’s efficiency is key. At Winters Heating and Cooling, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about air conditioners or air conditioner service. Give us a call at 317-406-5382 or set up an appointment with us online.