Figuring Out if Its Time for AC Repair or Replacement

May 26, 2016
ac repair

It can be a difficult decision, to decide if your air conditioner needs repair or if it’s time to change your entire system. The costs from constant repairs can really rack up, but getting a new air conditioner system can also be a huge decision. So, before you choose either route, there are a few factors to remember to be sure that it’s time to stop restoring and start replacing:

How often does your system break down?
If your air conditioner is between 10-15 years old, it’s probably time to start considering a replacement system. An AC built today will be highly energy-efficient, which will save you money in the long run and you won’t have to fret about being left to sweat it out during those heated summer temperatures.

Does your home feel uncomfortable?
This is something that you should be able to notice instantly. If your house cannot hang around at a constant and comfy temperature, your air conditioner is either the improper size for your home, in need of repair, or up for a replacement.

How old if your system?
If you’ve observed your bills getting higher and higher without running your system more often, this could be a clue your AC is on its last lap. Look at your bill and measure your energy usage this year to last year. A high increase in your consumption could be a sign that it’s time for a current system. As systems age, they have to work harder and that requires more energy.

How high are your energy bills?
A good signal that your air conditioner is close to dying can be examining your energy bills and noting they are getting more and more expensive. Contrast your energy usage this year to last year and if you find a huge upsurge, know that the latest system can work less hard for a rise in comfort and that it will help with your home energy.

We are just as committed to the comfort of your home as you are. To make sure that you are getting everything that you can out of your air conditioning investments, we want you to know precisely when it’s time to repair your system or when it’s time to replace it. Whether it’s either of these two options, or you are just ready to arrange your annual air conditioner servicing, we’ll help you keep cool this summer. Send us a call at 317-406-5382 with any questions you have about settling on repair or replacement.