Prepare Your AC for Summer

March 1, 2017
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Make your life simpler—start preparing your air conditioner now before warmer temperatures appear. You can save on your utility bill this summer if your air conditioner is working at its peak efficiency! If you are using your system when it needs service, you could see a extreme hike in costs and damaging wear and tear on your machine. Keep your system performing well with at least one air conditioning service appointment from your Winters Heating and Cooling expert each year. This is vital to keep your unit working for a long time to come. Your technician can confirm that your unit is working correctly and look for trouble areas to head off any potential problems before they happen. This saves you from larger, more expensive repairs.
Just some of the perks a professional air conditioning service will present you:

  • Cooling cycle appraisal
  • Replacement or cleaning air filters
  • Lubrication of the moving parts and tightening of electrical components
  • Cleaning the condensate drain, blower components and condenser coil

What You Can Do to Prepare
In addition to arranging your professional air conditioning service, there are things you can do now and all year to ensure your AC is working at peak performance.

  • Clear the space around your unit. Make sure there aren’t shrubs growing too close to your system, which can obstruct airflow. Get rid of piles of leaves or mulch blocking any part of the AC unit.
  • If your outdoor unit was covered during the cold season, don’t forget to uncover it. You can ruin your system if you turn on your air conditioning with a cover, coil blanket or lid. That damage could trigger the need for serious repairs or an entire replacement.

Throughout the year:

  • Your Winters Heating and Cooling service professional will clean or replace your filters as needed during your yearly service visit. Don’t forget to inspect your filters each month and replace them when required! Different homes have different air filter replacement requirements. If you own a pet or are undergoing home renovations, you ought to change them more frequently.

Make sure your air conditioning is working at its most efficient by having your ducts cleaned frequently. It keeps your house healthy too! If you follow these simple steps, your AC will be ready for whatever the heat can throw at it. To schedule your annual service, call the Winters Heating and Cooling team at 317-406-5382 or schedule an appointment online.