Heat Pumps

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Home Heat Pump Services Throughout Indiana

A heat pump is an efficient method of maintaining your home's comfort throughout the hot and cold seasons. Winters Heating and Cooling offers home heat pump services in Indiana to help you choose the perfect upgraded unit or convert your home to a new heating and cooling system. Our technicians serve individuals and families throughout the area, ensuring their unit extracts heat during the summer and distributes heat evenly inside during the winter. We customize our services to save money and boost your home's efficiency year-round.
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Advantages of a New Heat Pump

We provide your home with the following advantages:

Upgraded Comfort

A healthy unit performs its duties better and keeps your home at your desired temperature year-round.

Upgraded Energy Efficiency

A single quality unit or one paired with a gas furnace optimizes your system with less effort, reducing monthly costs.

Quieter Heating and Cooling

No more rumbling. Unit updates reduce the volume of disruptive sounds when your system kicks on.
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We Service All Models

Indiana experiences hot summers, frigid winters and shifting weather conditions throughout the year. You know how essential an efficient, functional heating and cooling unit is to ensure comfort and happiness within your home. Our comprehensive services and skilled technicians install, replace and upgrade all unit makes, brands and models and get the job done right the first time. Request a free estimate today, and you'll receive a knowledgeable team who will boost your unit's efficiency regardless of what kind you have installed in your home.

Financing Available Subject to Approved Credit

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