Mini-Split Systems

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Maximize Efficiency With Mini-Split Systems in Indiana

Do you prefer more heat in some rooms and cooler air in others? Do you want a heating and cooling system in your garage, sunroom or another space where traditional HVAC won't reach? If so, contact Winters Heating and Cooling. The wall-mounted mini-split is a terrific option for families who want safer, quieter and more energy-efficient heating and cooling within their budget. Our experienced team provides superior installation, repair and maintenance for homes across Indiana. Request a free estimate today.
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Benefits of Mini-Split Units

Affordable Comfort

Mini-splits can cost significantly less than traditional heating and cooling systems. Enjoy year-round comfort without breaking your budget.

Heat and Cool Additions

Its compact size and design allow for installation virtually anywhere in your home, including garages and difficult-to-reach spaces.

Safe, Whisper-Quiet Functioning

Sleep throughout the night comfortably in your home without obnoxious blowing or rumbling. Mini-splits operate quietly.

Temperature Zoning

Do you prefer warmth in one room and cool air in another? Mini-split controls set temperatures for individual rooms.

The Ultimate Comfort for Your Family

Your family's safety and comfort are among your most essential priorities. Consider satisfying both with a superiorly efficient and secure mini-split system. We've fulfilled countless families' complete comfort by servicing all mini-split brands, makes and models. We service and install most makes, models, and brands.

We'll provide a free estimate for installation, repairs and maintenance to get you started. Our technicians are readily available to service your unit anytime throughout the year without additional costs or increased rates. Feel comfortable year-round by scheduling a free estimate today.

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