What Size Should My Replacement Air Conditioner Be?

February 28, 2016
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What Size Should My Replacement Air Conditioner Be?

You’ve reached the point where it’s time for an air conditioner replacement  or perhaps you see this point approaching quickly, but how do you determine the size of system you’ll need? Picking the right size is critical for your system’s efficiency and your home’s comfort. There’s a perfect air conditioner out there for you and your comfort needs.

When Replacing Your System, Bigger Isn’t Always Better.

Putting in a system that is too large wastes energy and money. A larger system will continuously be warming up and cooling down because its production will not require it to work as long. This is known as “short cycling” and it increases the wear on your system and in turn, decreases the lifecycle of your system. An oversized system will cost you more money upfront and down the road.

On the other hand, a system that is undersized will run too long and can’t fully cool your home when the weather gets toasty. An inadequately sized system will have to work harder, your energy expenses will be higher and your comfort will be affected because of that. It’s very important to work with an expert that will complete a load calculation and advise you on the best system for your needs.

How Is Load Calculation Determined?

A home’s load calculation used to be determined based only on square footage and was often erroneous. Technology and knowledge have evolved a lot since then. When you’re ready for a replacement air conditioner, one of the pros from Winters Heating and Cooling will study your home as a whole and then be able to offer an accurate load calculation. Load calculations are composed of everything from the construction of your home, amount of insulation, the local climate in addition to type and color of your roof, to the number of home occupants – a truly comprehensive assessment of your needs.

A correctly sized and functioning HVAC system will not only keep you more comfortable, it can also save you money. Buying a replacement air conditioner is a huge decision, which is why we want to make sure your system will meet or exceed all of your needs. We are here to help you along throughout the process. If you are ready for an air conditioner replacement or have any questions for the pros at Winters Heating and Cooling, give us a call at 317-406-5382 to arrange an appointment with us.