Why Does Your Furnace Smell When You Turn It On?

November 1, 2016
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The temperatures are decreasing here in Franklin & South Indy and that means soon we’ll be counting on the comfort of our furnaces. This is usually the time we get a number of furnace repair calls from our customers anxious about a weird smell escaping from their furnace. If it’s been a little while since you’ve run your furnace and you smell something bizarre, stay calm. There’s probably nothing to worry about and there are several reasons your furnace might smell strange.

Last winter was most likely the last time you’ve had to use your furnace. For most of the year, dirt may have accumulated inside of your furnace. Running your furnace for the first time will burn that off, creating a smell. This smell will spread through your home throughout your duct work. This generally isn’t a harmful circumstance and the smell will not last long. Although, if the smell doesn’t go away in a short while, you’ll need to call in a technician to take a look at things.

Another probable cause of interesting smells coming from your furnace is a blocked air filter. A clogged filter will cause your blower motor to run harder which could cause the motor and/or your furnace to overheat.

You’re better safe than sorry and if there are any odors coming from your furnace the team at Winters Heating and Cooling in Franklin & South Indy are ready to check things out and set your mind and nose at ease.

You’re going to be counting on your furnace more and more these upcoming months, if you haven’t yet, it is the optimal time to get your regular furnace repair scheduled. Our certified technicians will get all those internal parts cleaned and checked out to ensure your system will run efficiently and without troubling smells this Franklin & South Indy winter. Get an appointment scheduled by calling us at 317-406-5382.