Make Your Furnace Run More Quietly with These 3 Steps

November 3, 2020

As your furnace switches on and begins to add warmth to your home, it’s common for it to make some noise. These sounds, like the burners firing up and the blower running, are all part of the typical start-up process.

But there are a couple of approaches you can do to make your furnace run more quietly this winter.

1. Request Regular Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is extremely important since it keeps your manufacturer’s warranty ongoing. This helps protect you if something major goes wrong with your furnace during your warranty range.

It can also help us find minor troubles that might make your furnace noisy. And maybe help you avoid a breakdown on the most frigid day of the year. The Indoor Air Quality Association reports that annual maintenance can decrease the likelihood of furnace meltdowns by up to 95%.

If small furnace problems are left ignored, they might lead to an issue in the future. By unearthing these issues early, our technicians can get your furnace repaired before heating season is in full swing.

And, most essential, pro cleaning and lubrication of your furnace’s moving parts can help make it more efficient. A well-maintained furnace could save up to 30% on your gas costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

2. Frequently Install a New Furnace’s Air Filter

Your air filter helps keep your residence’s air fresh and clean. When it turns too filthy, it can make your furnace turn on and off too frequently. Called short cycling, this can cause your furnace to eat up extra fuel and make it break down more quickly.

Our suggestions for installing a new furnace filter:

  • Flat filter: Every month
  • Pleated filter: Every three months

You could have to replace your filter more frequently if you have allergies or pets.

3. Call Winters Heating and Cooling When Your Furnace is Producing Weird Noises

Some furnaces, often older ones, may make more noise than others. But if you’re hearing exceedingly loud or odd noises, you should call a heating and cooling company like Winters Heating and Cooling for furnace repair in Franklin & South Indy.

Here are a few noises to keep an eye out for, how to fix them and when to contact a pro.

Furnace Making Gurgling or Bubbling Noise

This noise happens more frequently with high-efficiency furnaces. That’s due to the fact they emit fumes differently than older furnaces, and the process can create some moisture. If your furnace is having troubles draining this water, it may make gurgling or bubbling sounds. You’ll want pro support for this trouble since it can be caused by a blocked drain pipe or clogged drain pan.

Furnace Making Banging Noise

It’s not a great sign when your furnace is making a banging sound. It might mean a couple of things.

Haven’t scheduled maintenance recently and your furnace is making a banging sound when turning on? Its burners may be dirty. Dirty burners can hold up ignition, which leads gas to accumulate in your furnace.

All that increased gas can make a banging or booming sound when your furnace eventually does ignite. But this is more than merely an irritating noise, as the accumulated gas is erupting within your furnace. This can break your furnace’s heat exchanger and make a deadly carbon monoxide leak.

If you’ve neglected annual tune-ups for your furnace and you’re detecting this noise, give Winters Heating and Cooling a call at 317-406-5382. Our heating pros will get your furnace tuned up and double-check it’s working accurately.

Your ductwork can also make banging sounds when your furnace switches on, as the metal is expanding and contracting.

We suggest first checking your furnace’s air filter and getting a new one if it’s clogged. Next, make sure you don’t have too many vents shut in your house, as it can force air pressure out of balance.

If neither of these methods repair the problem, your ductwork could be dirty or undersized, which will call for assistance from a professional HVAC tech.

Furnace Making Humming or Buzzing Noise

If your furnace is buzzing or humming, it’s a flag there’s an electrical issue. This is most frequently seen with a dying blower fan motor, which will produce an irritating buzzing noise when your furnace turns on. It may also mean there’s a problem with the capacitor or transformer. All three of these troubles need assistance from an experienced heating and cooling company like Winters Heating and Cooling.

Furnace Making Knocking Noise

If your furnace is making knocking sounds, it’s usually a sign that an internal piece is going out. This may be anything from a bearing to a belt or the gas valve. It might also be a sign that your burners need cleaning.

These issues are frequently uncovered during yearly maintenance performed by a certified HVAC tech. So, while we’re at your home doing repairs, don’t forget to ask us about requesting your maintenance appointment for the upcoming year.

Furnace Making Clicking Noise

A clicking sound could be created by issues: worn bearings, gas valve problems or ignition problems. All these problems call for pro help.

At Winters Heating and Cooling, our specialists are here to help you relax in tranquil, energy-efficient comfort. If your furnace is louder than it typically is or creating strange sounds, contact us at 317-406-5382 to schedule an appointment today.