How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Well Through the Fall

August 24, 2016
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Just because the calendar tells us it’s fall, doesn’t mean that you are surely done using your air conditioner or cooling system still. These are the days when everyone switches between AC and furnace usage, but when your air conditioner has already put in a lot of exertion during the summer, it still needs a little attention before you make the full switch to heating. Keeping on schedule with your air conditioner maintenance can make a big difference in the comfort of your home. That, along with these other suggestions, can keep you comfortable until it finally gets chilly:

Boost Your Thermostat Temperature.

Turning up your thermostat temperature during this season of moderate outdoor temperatures can still keep you comfortable indoors. Turning off your air conditioner completely won’t save you energy in the long run, but instead it actually makes it tougher to turn your system back on when you need it again later in fall. Setting your thermostat to a reasonable temperature is an easy way to maintain a balance in your home as temperatures rise.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit.

The winter can leave extra debris and gunk close to your outside unit, especially if there has been snow or a lot of rain throughout the season. If you haven’t had the chance to clean up your post-winter yard, at least confirm that the area around your system is clear. Debris can obstruct air-flow for your air conditioner, forcing your system to work harder than it should.

Stay the Course With Air Conditioner Maintenance.

Annual service on your air conditioner is key for the longevity of your system. Contact our professionals at Winters Heating and Cooling and they will thoroughly inspect your system to assure that everything is working as it should; the coils and filters are clean and that it made it through the winter undamaged. Our technicians will watch for small problems too, making sure that nothing turns into a big problem toward the end of your air conditioner usage for the season.

Contact us at 317-406-5382 to schedule your appointment, and keep your system working efficiently. Ease your mind during the changing of the seasons!